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  • Wynton hengst


Jazz x Matador II x Rubinstein I

Colour Black
Year of birth  2003
Studbooks KWPN, Oldenburg, Hannover, Denmark
Predicates  Keur
Stud fee  €1.250,-
‘Not in foal’  €300,-

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Dressage stallion

Wynton’s father Jazz is a stallion par excellence. His dam line consists of German top dressage mares only. Wynton has a lot of charm and charisma. He stands out time and time again.


At a young age he already was a very successful horse who became the Dutch Indoor Champion in the Small Tour. Wynton won almost all stallion competitions and competed in the Pavo Cup and the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden where he put down a beautiful performance. In which he earned an honourable 6th place. Wynton is now a successful Grand Prix horse ridden by Madeline Witte-Vrees. Scores above 73% are no exception for Wynton.


Outstanding son of Jazz

prest, keur
 Matador  May Sherif
 Susan Bakkely
prest, pref, ster
 Rubinstein I

Walk (2x): 8,5
Trot (2x): 9
Canter (2x): 9
Elasticity: 8
Posture and balance: 8,5
Rideability and attitude: 8,5
Talent as a dressage horse: 9
Total: 87

2007: Champion Stallion test dressage (spring)
2007: 2e PAVO Cup 4 year olds
2008: Winner Stallion Competition L class
2008: 4th WC Verden five year olds
2008: Winner PAVO Cup five year olds
2009: Winner Stallion Competition M class
2009: 7th WC Verden six year olds
2012: KNHS Indoor Champion Small Tour
2018: 5th Grand Prix Neumünster


Imposantos WyntonWynton x Krack C
Born: 2013
Breeder: W. Wijnen, Berlicum
Remark: KWPN and Oldenburg approved

Four Ledgends

Four Ledgends WyntonWynton x Ferro
Born: 2010
Breeder: H. & G. Jansen, Foppe
Remark: KWPN and AES approved


Wynton x Belisar 
Born: 2009
Remark: Reserve champion KWPN Stallion Show 2012

Dark President

Wynton x Ramiro Z x Pion
Born: 2008
Breeder: J. Gordijn, St. Oedenrode
Remark: first approved son by Wynton

Dalia Delin

Wynton x Houston x Flemmingh
Born: 2008
Breeder: J. Deenen, Heijen
Remark: Champion CK Limburg 2011

A uniform collection of foals whose development and rectangular-shaped conformation is more than satisfactory; however, the forehand is a bit short. The trot is active with sufficient stride length and actively bending hind legs. Several of the foals could trot with the wither more elevated. The front leg use is good. The foals transition easily into the canter but should use their bodies more as they canter.

Breeding/Paring recommendation
Wynton can improve carriage and leg use. Mares should have an uncomplicated temperament and sufficient forehand length.