All SWS-stallions in the Netherlands and abroad are available through us.

You’ve made up your mind; you know which stallion you want to use. Through us, you can choose any stallion standing at an SWS-station anywhere in the world. SWS stands for Semen-Win Station. This applies to both fresh and frozen semen 

Ordering covering

Order your covering here

Ordering semen

Orders must reach us before 09:00. If you order later then it is advisable to contact us by phone. Call Steffi on 06 2209 8570.


We can inseminate at your place. Or you can bring your mare to us. The latter is our preferred choice as then we can check your mare’s ovulation more easily.

Shipping costs

All shipping costs are charged to the mare’s owner. This costs €28 per shipment. Shipment costs from S.W.S.- stallions, frozen semen and semen from abroad are also charged.

Influenza & risks

Horses that come to our station must be inoculated against influenza. The risk of injury to mares, foals during transport, in the field or in the stable, is entirely the owner’s.


Stabling your horse with us costs €8 per day. Mare and foal costs €10 per day. If your horse, without foal, is turned out whilst with us then this costs €20 per week.

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