Stallion supervision

You have an approved stallion. Now what?


  • Semen collection and processing
  • SEM & EVA tests
  • Preparation for shipment
  • Covering administration
  • Stallion training
  • Management including training
  • Show Supervision
  • Marketing regarding the stallion
  • Veterinary supervision
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You have an approved stallion: congratulations! A significant achievement. Now it is time to reach out to breeders and to sell coverings by your stallion. This costs a lot of time and is specialised work. We can help you with this. Verhagen Horse Service is a certified stud and a certified AI-station with a lot of experience. Read further to see what we can do for you.

You can choose to stable your stallion with us. This is easy, especially during the breeding season. Our business is fully-equipped to be able to stable stallions comfortably. Furthermore, the stallion does not have to be transported often.

In order to keep the stallion in top condition good training is important. We do this by lungeing. Ridden training of the horse is not a service we offer.

We are certified to test for CEM and EVA. CEM stands for ‘Contagious Equine Metritis’ and is a contagious inflammation of the uterus which can result in reduced fertility and abortion. ‘Equine Viral Arthritis’ (EVA) is a contagious sexual disease in horses and can lead to pregnant mares aborting. Both viruses can be detected in the semen.

We satisfy all the requirements set out by the Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit (NVWA) (translation: Dutch Food and Drug Authoritiy) for businesses that collect and sell semen. These include for example the adherence to hygiene protocols, keeping records, the collections and transactions. And also the issue of an accompanying document when the semen leaves our collecting station.

Show supervision
We have already taken many stallions to the stallion shows nationally and abroad. A valuable asset such as an approved stud stallion must be transported and handled in a professional manner by people with experience.

The choice for the breeder is large. It is therefore good to inform the breeder how your stallion excels. We know the breeder better than anyone and know how best to reach them. We can offer advice in this and work together with the equestrian marketing bureau Equine MERC.



Guardian S

Guardian S

Bodyguard Moorland x Trento B x Juventus

Herald III

Heraldik XX x Lorenz x Midas

Herald III
De bruine hengst Gunner met Dana van Lierop.


Belissimo M x Vincent x Donnerhall


Grandeur x Lucky Boy XX x Majoor

Modesto hengst