Hennessy – KWPN & Oldenburg

de Niro x Jazz x Ulft

Hennessy combines the blood of three top producers par excellence: De Niro, Jazz and Ulft. The magnificent black jewel Hennessy was the KWPN performance champion in the Spring of 2015.

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Passion for breeding

Verhagen Horse service

Are you a breeder? Then you are at the right address here! Our business is located in Boekel, in Brabant, and has developed, since 1970, into a professional multi-facetted equestrian business. It is entirely focused on horse breeding. You can order any stallion that is standing at a semen-win-station anywhere in the world, from us. We advise, inseminate, but can also supervise the birth of your foal.

Call us: 06 2209 8570

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A family business

“We do it together”

“We are a close-knit family and live on the premises. Our business is a ‘way of life’. Our clients value our involvement tremendously.”

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Steffi, Jan en Wilma Verhagen

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